This is a handicapped parking stall that is not per ADA code requirements

The 2 most frequent issues we see in the field are:

  1. Components added to a project that are not required
  2. Overlooking how individual elements within a design relate to each other

Example Number 1

There are many building elements that are addressed in the code as “where provided”. To put it in a simplified manner it’s not required but if you include do it correctly. Design professionals, building owners or builders will include elements that are not required and later struggle to make them meet code.

We look at these building elements and provide you with options for your design. It may as simple as, don’t use it, or here is a product or layout that work.

Example Number 2

Restrooms are a great. For instance, the code requires a minimum grab bar length on the side wall adjacent to a water closet. However, it also stipulates a minimum clearance from the front of the water closet. Using a water closet with an elongated bowl could create a problem if you don’t address it with some simple variable eliminating steps.

We look at individual elements and the entire design as a whole. We curate all the relevant codes and implement what’s needed.

Gregory Diktakis

ICC and DSA certified

Certificates held:

  • DSA CASp
  • ICC Commercial Plans Examiner
  • ICC Commercial Building Inspection
  • ICC Commercial Plumbing Inspection
  • ICC Commercial Mechanical Inspection
  • ICC Commercial Electrical Inspection

Inspector and Plans Examiner with multiple jurisdictions

Projects include:

  • 112 room Residence Inn
  • Lincoln Auto Dealership
  • 3 Story Senior Care Facility
  • 4 Story Public Housing
  • Countless Retail TI’s
  • New 9 Building Retail and Dining Center with Pavilion
  • 104 room Homewood Suites
  • Maserati Dealership
  • 475 unit Covered Family Dwelling Development
  • 4 story Senior Housing
  • Numerous Medical TI’s
  • New PG&E Training Building & De-Energized Substation
  • Mall Parking Facility
  • New Civic Center Building
  • 2 story PG&E Training and Dining Building TI
  • PG&E Facility Site Improvements
  • New Private School
  • Dining TI’s for Starbucks, McDonald’s and others

Private sector experience

Projects such as:

  • De Anza College
  • San Leandro High
  • Sunnyvale Adult Center
  • USPS
  • VA
  • US GSA and others

Digital Tools

  • Our plan review¬†process is completely digital
  • We offer both digital and onsite inspections
  • We provide an online digital project record available to everyone on your team or just authorized users
    • builders, installers, designers or owners
    • pictures, video, code sections, links and whatever else is necessary at your team’s fingertips

Personal Attention from a CASp

  • Every project, regardless of size, will be personally managed by a CASp.

Use it to control costs and mitigate possible litigation.

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