a computer screen illustrating our plan check annotations
  1. Complete digital service
  2. Upload any size file
  3. Your project on a secure page where you can check status 24/7
  4. When authorized we can provide an easy to download copy of annotated plans
  5. Comments in an online dynamic table that can be downloaded as an CSV (Excel) or PDF file
  6. Accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers in the field or office
  1. Plan review of the actual project
  2. Plan review of components that may not be part of your scope of work but may be required
    1. Path of travel upgrades
      1. How to calculate what you’re obligated to do
      2. What exceptions can we leverage to mitigate any additional work

**Use our CASp Inspection Service to do an onsite inspection prior to project design.

Let us do an onsite survey to determine which existing features comply with accessibility codes, which features will require updating and where we can find cost savings exceptions.

  • Plan review of the actual project
  • Closely review other than obvious codes to determine what obscure conditions may apply to your project
    1. Such as public agency involvement, tax incentives, etc.
  • Path of travel upgrades may be required to the public way or to other existing facilities on site
  • Covered Multi Family Dwellings, what are your mobility, communication or adaptable obligations
  • New projects have very few protections or limitations on accessibility obligations so it is paramount to do a thorough review of a proposed project
  • Not all accessibility features are required on all projects, but if you include a feature it must meet accessibility compliance

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